Invest in the future
uTerra - transforming soil health all around the world
A revolution in agriculture - uTerra soil elixir and substrate
Project parameters
Total amount of investment
Dynamic payback period
Planning horizon
Simple payback period
$20 million
1.95 years*
10 years
1.79 years*
Project zero phase
1 year
* from the start of the Project, which provides for up to 2 years of the pre-investment (zero) phase
Sustainable biosphere cluster
Our mission: rejuvenating the Earth, hectare by hectare
uTerra is at the forefront of the green revolution. We believe that the key to a thriving biosphere and healthy living organisms, including humans, lies in soil health.
About uTerra
Join us as we bring life back to the land and begin the journey to sustainable agriculture
uTerra is not just an environmental startup, it is a business that adheres to transparent investment cycles. By investing with us, you not only support the environment, but also have the opportunity to generate revenue. Be part of change and growth
Investing in an environmentally friendly future
Why invest in uTerra
Annual sales plan for the product
Project implementation plan
Production volume
Annual income
Project implementation
1 100 000
uTerra soil elixir (1 l) | $
3 520 000
3 960 000
3 960 000
4 180 000
1 year
2 year
3 year
4 year
5 year
5 156 250
uTerra oasis soil elixir (1 l) | $
16 500 000
18 562 500
18 562 500
19 593 750
55 000
uTerra oasis soil elixir (1,000 l) | $
176 000
198 000
198 000
209 000
275 000
uTerra oasis soil elixir (1,000 l) | $
880 000
990 000
990 000
1 045 000
55 000
uTerra MENA «Biohumus» organic fertilizer | $
176 000
198 000
198 000
209 000
63 866
Sales of greenhouse products (protected ground) | $
204 370
229 916
229 916
242 690
38 994
Sales of greenhouse products (open ground) | $
124 781
140 379
140 379
148 177
uTerra soil elixir (1 liter bottle)
2 000 000
Unit of measurement
uTerra oasis soil elixir (1 liter bottle)
7 500 000
uTerra soil elixir (1000 liter eurocube)
uTerra oasis soil elixir (1000 liter eurocube)
uTerra MENA «Biohumus» organic fertilizer
200 000
Sales of the biosphere complex products
Construction of the plant
Launch of production
Product sales
Land lease and construction of a production facility
Setting up of full-scale production with prospective of further scaling
Sale of ready products by wholesale and retail
Earning income
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Construction of uTerra production lines in the UAE to scale the business for biohumus production
Information on the purpose of investment and conditions
Choose the offer that suits you from a whole range. Investment packages from 1,000 to 100,000 dollars
Investment packages
The use of uTerra soil elixir in combination with naturally occurring organic crumbly biohumus provides yield increases of 35-50% or more
uTerra performance
We will be holding 3 rounds of investment in this world-changing project. Hurry up and invest, because the 2nd round is already underway
Current investment round
Transparent investment terms and formalization of the transaction to make you feel as comfortable as possible
Transaction formalization
Up to 30%* per annum can be earned by investors over the life of the investment
Expected return
after the zero cycle (up to 2 years)
Payment of income*
We are sure that you will want to continue to receive income from this project, so we have provided the possibility of prolongation
This is the time period needed for you to get the best possible return on investment
Investment period
Investments can be made in a convenient way through bank transfers, as well as using payment systems
Methods of payment
*Depending on the amount of the investment and the company's income. Does not constitute a guarantee or promise
Familiarize yourself with the market analysis, business model, competitive analysis, market entry strategy and other Project parameters in the business plan
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Detailed Project documentation
Information on the purpose of investment and conditions
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